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klin(t)SH, founded by Sean Strickling, is part of the Grant Cardone Licensee program and is expert in helping individuals and companies implement the incredible programs for maximum success. We are licensed to speak, coach, and consult any company, anywhere in the world using the Grant Cardone Sales curriculum, books, and online training platform. With this we have the ability to capture the goals and activities of any business and help it scale, which in turn increases the potential of everyone involved.

No matter the industry, the business model or the size of the organization, it seemed to always come down to there didn’t ever seem to be enough sales.

As a Finance Executive, I’ve worked in aerospace, where we developed flight simulators for NASA and the US Air Force, commercial construction, real estate holdings, health and wellness, financial services and several entrepreneurial endeavors along the way.

Whatever the industry or company size, my main goal was to ensure that these organizations and their people had the adequate cash flow to grow and expand their respective areas.

Whichever organization, the area that got the most of my attention was sales.  It’s obvious.  If sales weren’t made, then the business would eventually run into difficulties or worse, fail.  I would routinely check in with the sales manager for updates, sometimes daily, trying to ascertain how much income the organization would bring in this week, month and/or quarter.

Many times it was stressful since I knew the cash demands of the organization better than anyone, and those times I discovered the current level of sales were not going to meet those needs, I’d stress.

I’d be stressing over:
  • The lack of sales
  • Failed closes
  • Google ads wasted
  • Waking up in middle of the night
  • Lack of training materials to boost my team

1000’s of hours, tens of thousands of dollars yet NO DEAL!

In early 2017, I taught myself how to program and immediately fell in love with Artificial Intelligence.  Later that year, I found myself in Austin at a machine learning conference and met many interesting practitioners: a farmer trying to predict optimum crop rotation, Air Force maintenance personnel wanting to predict when vehicles needed repair and a hedge fund out of Dallas looking to predict the weather.

From this experience and given my proximity to sales teams, I developed a proof of concept AI system that would assist salespeople.  The AI would effectively listen in on a sales call, make real time predictions as to whether the sale would be successful at that particular moment in the call, make recommendations to help overcome objections and alert management would a the sales person needed assistance.

I generated a lot of interest in this system and made presentations to companies that make $10s of millions, even $100s of millions.  They gave me full access to their systems, I spent hours at one CTO’s home demonstrating the proof of concept, discussing engineering and at one company I had full access to the engineering team, databases and sales team.  

But with all this, it never caught air, it didn’t fly and in the main, I lacked the know-how to successfully bring an idea such as this, into a fully functioning operation.

Stepping back in getting to work on some other ventures I came back to programming and immediately coded a sales trainer bot. I named her Scout. Her job was to role-play the sales process with the salesperson by drilling them on what to say and when, cold calling, follow-up and how to handle and overcome objections.

During development, Scout needed someone to emulate, to teach her how to sell so she in turn could teach others and it just so happens that at about the same time a friend sent me a promotional email to one of Grant Cardone’s virtual webinars where I learned about Cardone’s sales and business training technologies.  I then signed up for his Mastering Objections course and began to program Scout to handle objections like Grant teaches.

Through the process of working this course and implementing its methodologies into Scout’s code base, I began to realize that the Cardone training platform had the potential to go far beyond what I had envisioned for Scout and was the exact moment where I decided to become a Grant Cardone Licensee to help Grant forward the mission to enable individuals and companies to create more revenue, employ more people and impact more lives with their products and services.

Klintsh was founded based on the idea that every company can expand their sales with proven, workable solutions. In fact, there is no reason to the contrary.

In today’s tough economic times, many businesses will fail. In fact, 25% of all businesses fail within their first year.

With the right systems in place and training on that system to greatly improve one’s ability to bring in more sales, businesses will do much more than avoid shuttering their doors, they will grow in competence, increase their market share and witness a sales boom like no other.

3 easy steps to get on the road to booming your sales:
  1. Schedule a call.
  2. We’ll design a program and be there at every turn to help you increase sales.
  3. Watch sales go up and up.

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